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The Future

 of Democracy


  Starts Here...

The National Town Square is coming!

A new, citizen-led, public institution is coming: the online National Town Square. The Square will provide a continuous channel for the ongoing expression of collective citizen sentiment, on the issues that affect us all. Citizens will open a secure voting account and then be able to learn about and cast advisory votes, on issues chosen by citizens themselves.


Not just another app, the Square will be a brand new, official gathering place and venue for collective citizen input to our elected representatives. It will be operated by a non-governmental, non-profit, non-partisan mechanism, under the transparent stewardship of citizens from all walks of life, mutually pledged to the integrity of this new national  institution for civic engagement.


The Square will operate 24 hours a day, every day of the year, and will offer extended voting windows, within which citizens can learn about issues, participate in moderated discussions, and cast their advisory votes on the issues that affect us all. This continually updated mirror of citizen sentiment will provide an unequaled reference point for public discussion and media attention, and will become an effective counter-balance to the corrupting influence of big money in politics.

The Power of Participation

For the first time in recorded human history, there is no limit to how many of us can gather at one location, online. Your secure voting booth will be as close as the mobile device in your pocket or purse. And what will matter even more than how people vote, will be how many citizens weigh-in, on any given issue. With virtually no practical barrier to participation, the opportunity for huge numbers of us to gather in on place, at one time, to be counted on the issues that affect us all, will be unprecedented. As participation continues to increase, this new voice of We the People will become impossible for our elected representatives to ignore.

The National Town Square will provide an individual vote and a collective voice, for all citizens, and will usher in a new era of citizen empowerment at the start of the 21st century.

Pre-register NOW

to be part of the National Town Square.
It's time to make history, together. 

If we want to be active contributors in addressing our collective challenges, we need a place to do so, an official gathering place, online, within which to gather and contribute our input as citizens. It is the new model for 21st century civic engagement, beyond simply voting every two years.

The National Square will provide this gathering place and a new context - that of trustworthy public institution, designed to gain strength and influence as citizens realize its potential, and resulting citizen participation continues to increase. This will become our official , non-partisan venue for providing collective advisory votes and other input to our elected representatives.

By breaking free of our presumption that all “real” civic engagement must be within the existing framework of two-year election cycles, we can open up a new world of possibilities for how, how often and how easily citizens can affect positive change.

Fixing our system from the inside is an important effort worth making, yet its results are far from assured. Fortunately, for the first time in history, we can now implement a new strategy, right alongside the existing system (and existing efforts to improve it).

This is a strategy that enhances and supports our existing system and our elected representatives, by enabling our collective voice go from a tentative whisper to a clear and powerful articulation of our collective desires and priorities.

We are presented with an opportunity to redefine and amplify the meaning of “people’s representation” in a powerful new way that holds the promise of a vibrant, revitalized democracy.

This is an opportunity to be seized, and not squandered, or left to chance. It is our opportunity to be heard and to be counted.

Please join your fellow-citizens today, by pre-registering for an official voting account at the coming National Town Square. The future of our democracy depends on you.
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