The Future of Our Democracy Depends on YOU!

    Each of us has only a single voice and a single vote with which to affect the outcome of events, but collectively we have all the power. We, who consider the preservation of true democracy to be a challenge worth rising to, must now show up and be counted.

Pre-register below, to become an authenticated advisory voter at the upcoming National Town Square. By pre-registering, you will have the opportunity to participate in the pre-launch beta phase, and provide your input regarding how the Square will work, and which issues will be addressed first. Prior to the official launch, you will have the opportunity to convert your pre-registration into an official, authenticated voting account at the National Square.


Pre-registration is your first vote -

A vote for the success of our democracy!

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Can real democracy go viral? If you want to support this historic effort by citizens themselves, help bring attention to the coming National Town Square - our new, official venue for collective citizen feedback. Please help spread the word, far and wide, via social media, email, or even word of mouth. The stakes couldn't be higher, and your help will make a difference!